Lake Edward Conservation Club – Message from the President – Eurasion Watermilfoil Alert

Lake Edward Conservation Club

FYI.   Lower Mission Lake now also has Eurasian watermilfoil.  Upper Mission has had it for some time and the two Mission Lakes are connected.  Note that the Lower Mission Lake boat landing is only a few miles from Lake Edward.   So we need to be careful if anyone puts a boat in Lower Mission Lake and comes back right away the Lake Edward.

On a related topic, LECC is participating in a project to hang plastic bags on boat trailers at our boat landing and the Lower Mission boat landing.  The bags contain brochures and ID cards with pictures of the aquatic invasive species (AIS) that are moving in the region.   The information was produces with a MDNR grant to LARA, Mission Lake ASSN, Pelican Lake Assn and WAPOA (Whitefish Area Property Owner Ass’n).   WAPOA folks are putting together 10,000 bags.  We got 150 bags to start and will be placing them on boat trailers.    Don Rother and I are the “distributors” at this point and hope to recruit one or two more to help.   We may get DNR permission to hold some over to opener next spring.  The state shutdown delayed the process significantly this year.
We can get bags for any lakes in Crow Wing County, if you have friends at other lakes that want to try this.   It helps protect Lake Edward by spreading the word broadly.
I can provide bags, if anyone wants  to hand them to their family or neighbors that move boats around to other lakes.  Also, anyone thinking about buying a used dock or boat lift should get an AIS bag and some encouragement to do the right thing.
Herb Nelson
President LECC
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