Lake Edward Conservation Club – Bear Report

May 2012 and August 2011-In August 2011, in addition to signs of birds starting to flock, a bear sojourned along the east side of the lake. Bear bent over several metal poles that were holding oriole and hummingbird juice feeders, and ripped down a thistle seed tube feeder from a tree leaving only a shredded bright copper ended wire in it’s place. Bear must have received quite a start when the wire snapped and the feeder came ricocheting toward it. Bear left the feeder several yards away in the brush with only slight markings of it’s crunching. Bird feeding has ceased until sign of bear is long forgotten.

May 2012, bird feeding resumed last fall and continued through the winter. Late May 2012, pre-dawn, bear, with two small cubs, came along the east side of the lake and started to tip a pole with bird feeder to the ground. Caught in the act, at the tap of a window by human, the bears scurried away. Late the following evening. near dusk, bear came to the back of the yard to see if any remnants of bird feeding remain. She is really big, black, and has a distinctive brown nose that is tipped with black at the nostrils. Upon being huffed at loudly by other human she leaves before cubs come into view. The following morning striped cat sensed or saw bear’s presence and flared its body, but bear was too shy to penetrate the loud voices and movement of human activity in pursuit of birdseed, apparently moved on as cat ceased its flaring. Bird feeding has ceased again, too. Humans conclude that bear and her two cubs have gone away looking for easier eats.

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