Lake Edward Conservation Club Ditch 13 August 2011 Water Levels and Ditch 13

Ditch 13 is a Crow Wing County Ditch under the jurisdiction of the County of Crow Wing in Minnesota.  Ditch 13 is Lake Edward’s only water outlet.  Lake Edward has no inlet.  It is fed by underwater springs and rain.

Lake Edward Conservation Club President Herb Nelson: “our primary focus will continue to include the lake levels returning to normal and Ditch 13, the only outlet from Lake Edward that happens to empty into North Long Lake.”  Lake Edward Conservation Club Newsletter August 2011.  Lake Edward Newsletter 8-2011

Historically Lake Edward’s water level is dependent upon nature and the County’s maintenance of Ditch 13.  Beaver dams have often kept water from flowing out of Lake Edward when lake water levels have been over the high water mark set for Lake Edward by the State of Minnesota–in the past both County and Thirty Lakes Watershed have hired trappers to keep the beavers from plugging up Ditch 13, and have removed interfering beaver dams.

Thirty Lakes Watershed is exploring a new system for maintaining flowage of water from Lake Edward to Ditch 13 called a “Clemson beaver pond leveler.”  Read the August 2011 Newsletter for further information on Ditch 13, Clemson beaver pond levelers and Lake Water Levels.  Lake Edward Newsletter 8-2011

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2 Responses to Lake Edward Conservation Club Ditch 13 August 2011 Water Levels and Ditch 13

  1. Alex Heihn (Mar-Len Estates) says:

    Whats the approach on Ditch 13 if North Long has invasive species:

  2. Hi Alex, Thanks for your great question. The direction of water flow in Ditch 13 is from Lake Edward to North Long Lake. None of the invasive plant species or zebra mussels can move against the current in Ditch 13 to Lake Edward. But if Ditch 13 is flowing well, fish species like big head carp might be able to move upstream to Lake Edward from the Mississippi River. We have reports of american eels (native species) doing that already. Before big head carp might potentially swim upstream to Lake Edward, we’d need to work with the DNR to block them. The carp might become our problem too. Keep an eye on the news to see if the big head carp get upstream of the Corps of Engineers’ lock and dam at Upper St Anthony Falls. At least I think that’s the furthest upstream the big head carp have gotten on the Mississippi River at this time. Herb Nelson

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