Lake Edward Conservation Club Membership Meeting June 2011



10:00 a.m. , JUNE 18, 2011

Marathons Building

Call to OrderThe meeting was called to order by President Sue Jordan who declared this the annual meeting.

Special PresentationHerb Nelson recognized the leadership and dedicated commitment of President Jordan to the Lake Edward Conservation Club. Ms. Jordan will step down as President after eight years of service.

Guest Presentation — President Jordan introduced Al Cibuzar, CEO A. W. Research. Mr. Cibuzar provided a most informative presentation on water quality research undertaken on Lake Edward. Lake Edward Water Quality Report Cibuzar 6-2011 Mr. Cibuzar also shared a Land Use Factsheet which shows Crow Wing County 2011 Land Use Ordinance Changes.

Business Meeting

Water QualityChair Herb Nelson reported that the water level is up eight or nine inches. Mr. Nelson provided a update about ditch 13. Ditch 13 had three beaver dams which were breeched. Several comments and discussion was undertaken about utilizing a trapper control the beaver. It was recommended that we would look to 30 Lakes District for follow up on the beaver issue.

Don Rother informed members that there is a move legislatively to assess a fee for docks. He encouraged members to keep an eye open to avoid another fee.

Treasurers Report –Chair Wayne Henquinet provided a full finanial report. Current income is $785.16 and expenses have been $511.00. Total liabilities and equity is $14,991,26.

Election of Officers and Board MembersPresident Jordan presented the nominated slate of officers and board members for the coming year as follows:

President ———- Herb Nelson

Vice President—– Jay Beebe

Secretary– ——- Pat Townsend

Board Members—Don Rother, Ray Stotka, Sue Jordan (Past President Position)

Mr. Rother made the motion to elect the slate as presented and Bernice Henkie seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Vacant PositionsPresident Jordan asked for volunteers to chair three vacant committee chairs…Aquatics, Web Master and Newsletter. Please contact incoming President Herb Nelson if you can help with these important functions.


New Website— Check it out!

Pot Luck Dinner will be held on September 10 at 5:00 p.m. at Cozy Bay. Come enjoy a evening of good food, fellowship and bingo prizes.

August Board Meeting will be held August 20, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. at the Marathons Building. This meeting is open to everyone.

Annual Meeting Adjourned.

Respectively Submitted

Patricia A. Townsend, Secretary

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