Lake Edward Conservation Club Newsletter May 2011

Lake Edward Lines

The Newsletter of the Lake Edward Conservation Club”


MAY 2011


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Merrifield Marathons Center

County Rd. 3, South of Merrifield

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Refreshments to follow business meeting

The speaker will be Al Cibuzar

CEO A.W. Research Laboratories, Inc.

Water Quality Testing

What is done, why it’s done, and what it tells us

LECC Dues Notice

(The LECC is a 501c3 corporation)

(If your dues are paid, that’s indicated below)

Annual dues for the LECC are due January 1. The Dues are $15 per property owner. The application for joining is on the last page.

Lake Facts:

Size is 2,032 acres. 1,199 acres has a depth of 15 feet or less.

Lake Edward watershed is 7,525 acres.

Ordinary high water level is 1,207.3 feet.

Highest reading 1208.18 6-26-01 Lowest reading 1201 12-15-33

Average reading 1206.47 882 readings Current reading 1206.19 4-22-11

The only outlet for the lake is ditch 13. Water leaves the lake through a culvert under Cnty. Rd 4 that is approximately 100 yards north of the Y Store. The weir, the concrete barricade that controls the water flow, is at 1,206.7 feet. The lake level has to be above 1,206.7 feet before any water leaves the lake. The water flows through ditch 13 to North Long Lake.


At the August 21, 2010 annual meeting the bylaws were amended to hold the annual meeting in June because for the past several years the June meeting has had the largest number of members in attendance. An open board meeting will be held in August that members are encouraged and welcome to attend.

New officers were not elected because there weren’t volunteers to fill the open positions. That led to a discussion about what to do to fill the positions and the future of the LECC. The decision was made to form a nominating committee to recruit new officers that Bernice Hinkie and Don Rother volunteered to serve on and I agreed to continue as president until June of this year.

Bernice and Don were successful in their efforts and following is the slate of officers that will be voted on at the meeting:

President Herb Nelson

Vice President Jay Beebe

Secretary Pat Townsend

Director Ray Stotka

Director Don Rother

Director Sue Jordan (past president)

There is a need for a chair of the Aquatics Committee and a newsletter editor. We need someone to edit the newsletter for the Lake Edward Conservation Club for at least one year. The ideas for articles often come from board members and the committees.  Sometimes the submitter provides a draft article.  We have folks that will help copy, fold and label the newsletters.  We just need someone to edit articles for spelling and grammar and put them into a newsletter format for the original to be copied.  We can help you get started with the first couple newsletters.  Plan to do several newsletters per year.  Please contact Herb or Lori Nelson 218-765-4001 if you are interested.


For several years 30 Lakes Watershed has paid the costs for testing the water of Lake Edward. For many years, Bud Olson has volunteered to collect the sample and deliver them to A. W. Research and we all thank Bud for his efforts. Last spring the LECC learned that 30 Lakes would not cover the cost in 2011 and board voted to assume that expense which will be $200.00 for testing and an additional $250.00 for a year end analysis. The major reason for doing this is that the water quality has been declining over the past several years. Following s an excerpt from the 30 Lakes report on 2010 water quality:

Lake Edward has increased in trophic status over the last ten years. In 2000, the lake was in the oligotrophic range and by 2010 it had increased into the mid to high mesotrophic range. On an average the TSI Goal for Lake Edward of 44 is exceeded in August with an average value of 46.5. The TSI monthly averages reveal the increase in TSI from May through August with a decline into September. This trend may indicate septic intrusion from seasonal residents.

By August of last year, some portions of the lake had TSI readings in the 70’s. Because of that 30 Lakes had A. W. Research do some additional testing last fall and early this spring. Al Cibuzar will report what those tests showed and what conclusions can be drawn from the tests.


For the past several years, a permit from Crow Wing County has not been required to remove a seasonal ice ridge. That is being changed this year. If you need to remove a seasonal ice ridge, contact Crow Wing County Environmental Services on 218-824-1125 to verify what is needed before removing the ice ridge.

Members, please renew. If you are not a current member, please join. Please send your check for $15 along with this form to: LECC P.O. Box 134 Merrifield MN 56465-0134.


Lake Edward address________________________________________

Lake Edward phone #________________________________________

Other address, if applicable____________________________________

E-mail address______________________________________________

( ) New Member

Thank You!!

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