Lake Edward Conservation Club Membership Meeting June 2010


MEMBERSHIP MEETING – at 10:00 a.m JUNE 19, 2010 .

Merrifield Marathons’ Bldg., Merrifield, Minnesota

Meeting was called to order by President Sue Jordan. The pledge of allegiance to the flag was given, followed by introduction of the current Board of Directors. Forty six people were in attendance.

Pam Perry, DNR Nongame Wildlife Lake Specialist, and Manager of the Loon Watch Program provided an excellent presentation about loons.   A refreshment break followed the presentation.


TREASURERS REPORT – Expenses $269.00, Net Income $563.20, Total Assets $14,584.04.

MINUTES OF AUGUST 15, 2009, Membership meeting were read and approved.


FISHERIES – Dave Christensen reported the DNR now does lake surveys every six years rather than every 5 years. The last Lake Edward survey was completed in 2008. That survey found the walleye population has decreased. Gill netting produced only 3 walleyes compared to 13 in 1992. Northern pike were netted at the rate of 15.5 in 2008, compared to two in 1992.

The DNR has a new lake management plan for Lake Edward which is not that much different than the plan developed five years ago. Two million walleye fry will be stocked annually. The new plan provides an option to stock fingerlings after the next lake survey in 2014. The DNR will continue annual fall electro shock surveys to determine the survival of the fry.

WATER QUALITY AND QUANTITY COMMITTEE – Herb Nelson reads the water level gauge weekly at the boat landing. He reported the water level is up a few inches from last year however the water level is approximately 1.5 feet below the long term average lake level.

Ditch 13 maintenance will stay with the County rather than be transferred to 30 Lakes Watershed. Last fall County Highway crews removed some beaver dams however this spring Sue and Herb found a new dam about 4 or 5 feet high in place of those removed. A request was made that the County activate its trapper. Since we have not received a response an appearance at a County Board meeting to follow up will occur.

Bud Olson continues to read secchi disk and takes water samples four times per year to the lab. The trend based upon sampling since 2000 shows the lake becoming greener. The report identifies the source of nutrients is summer septic loading and surface runoff. Continued water quality decline might trigger problems with curly leaf pondweed.

AUGUST MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS – Due to low attendance for the past several years the Board is recommending holding open Board meetings rather than arranging a speaker. A membership vote will be taken this August.

NEW OFFICERS ARE NEEDED for the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary.

30 LAKES – Watershed Manager Gordon Hardy reported a new Board of Managers who will be more focused and fiscally prudent. 30 Lakes will no longer issue storm water permits as the County also issues permits. One staff position has been eliminated. The new focus is shoreline restoration.

POT LUCK EVENT – Lori Nelson will try to schedule a Saturday date in Sept. at Cozy Bay.

Respectfully Submitted, – Mary Barstad, Secretary, June 24, 2010.

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